Our Unique Turbine

The LUX wind turbine costs less than half of conventional wind turbines to build and operate. Overall electricity production costs are estimated at $0.04 per kwh, making them economically competitive with traditional energy sources.

Project Costs


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Compared to conventional wind turbines, the total costs to install and maintain a LUX wind turbine over a 20 year period is approximately 40% less.

The largest component of this saving is the manufacturing and erection of the turbine which are almost half of conventional turbines.

Global Demand

Global electricity demand is increasing twice as fast as overall energy use and is expected to increase by more than 60% over the next 25 years.

The traditional energy options, oil, coal, hydro and nuclear are all non-renewable and come with environmental price tags that are far too high. Some of these energy sources are contributing to the climbing CO2 levels that are affecting global climate and increasing ocean levels and must be reduced.

The energy available from the wind has been harnessed on a large scale for the past 30 years and is capable of providing a substantial percentage of the global electricity requirement. The drawback with wind energy has been that it costs substantially more than traditional energy sources and large scale production has only been economically viable with subsidization.

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